Entry Guide For Principals/Proprietors.

This entry guide is issued with other documents for the May/June NBC/NTC Certificate Examinations. It contains instructions for easy completion of the Entry Documents. It should be carefully studied to ensure that the correct entry schedule is used for business and technical candidates for preliminary enrolment before the actual on-line registration.

Principals and Heads of Institutions are advised to be particularly careful when making entries in order to ensure that information supplied by them are adequate and correct in every detail, as the Board will not entertain requests for corrections on entries, which have been submitted. To ensure error free entries, the entries after completion should be read to the candidates before submission.

Compulsory And Elective Subjects

  • Technical Candidates
  • Business Candidates
  • English Language (O01);
  • Mathematics (O02);
  • Physics (O04);
  • Chemistry (O05) are compulsory for Technical Candidates while
  • ICT – Information and Communications Technology (O08);
  • Economics (O03) and Literature-in-English (O07) are elective for them.

Candidates for the under-listed Trades can offer Biology as a trade-related subject, but other technical candidates are not allowed to offer Biology. The trades are:

Catering Craft Practice (34O), Ladies Garment Making (33O), Men’s Garment Making (32O), Cosmetology (31O), Fisheries (20O), Animal Husbandry (18O)

Introduction to Building Construction (211) is a compulsory subject for candidates offering the under listed trades:-

Carpentry and Joinery (22O), Painting and Decorating (25O), Plumbing and Pipefitting (26O), Draughtsmanship Craft Practice (27O).