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What does NABTEB stand for?

NABTEB: The acronym NABTEB means National Business And Technical Examinations Board.

When was NABTEB established?

NABTEB was established in August 1992 and was enacted through the promulgation of Decree 70 (Now Act 70) of 1993

Why was NABTEB established?

NABTEB was primarily established to take over the conduct of examinations hitherto conducted by the City and Guild (C&G) of London, Royal Society of Arts (RSA) of London and the technical and business examinations conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) in the bid to domesticate the examinations and tailor them towards societal needs

Where is the National Headquarters of NABTEB?

The National Headquarters of NABTEB is located in Ikpoba Hill, Benin City, Edo State

Apart from the National Headquarters in Benin, where else can NABTEB offices be found?

NABTEB Zonal Offices are located in the Headquarters of the six geographical zones with state offices in the spread capital of the 6 states of the federation

What is the statutory mandate of NABTEB?

NABTEB is statutorily mandated to:

  • (a) Conduct specified examinations on behalf of or in collaboration with other examination bodies or agencies.
  • (b) Issue results and certificates and make awards in examinations conducted by it.

What is NBC?

NBC means National Business Certificate.

What is NTC?

NTC means National Technical Certificate

What is ANBC?

ANBC means Advanced National Business Certificate.

What is ANTC?

ANTC means Advanced National Technical Certificate

What are the four major examinations conducted by NABTEB?

The four major examinations conducted by NABTEB are:

  • I: May/June NBC/NTC Examinations
  • II: November/December NBC/NTC & ANBC/ANTC Examinations
  • III: Modular Trades Certificate Examinations (MTCE)
  • IV: And, National Common Entrance Examinations.