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MR OLUGBENGA OJOGBEDE is the Director, Special Duties


The Registrar’s Office is a Directorate comprising three major divisions and eleven Units headed by the Director, Registrar’s Office who superintends over the office on behalf of the Registrar/Chief Executive.

The Divisions and Units are:
General Administration Field Offices Special Duties
•   Legal Unit

•  Media & Public Affairs Unit

•  Internal Audit Unit

•  Procurement Unit

•  Central Stores


•  Examinations Policy Matters


•  Field Offices

•  Corporate Support Services Unit

•  Governing Board

Secretariat Unit

•  Production Unit

•  Registrar/Chief Executive

Secretariat Unit


The Registrars’ Office is a Service Department of the Board which provides management and coordination for the day-to-day activities of the Registrar/Chief Executive.  The Directorate is currently headed by a Director who is responsible directly to the Registrar/Chief Executive of the Board.  The Registrar’s Office provides the following critical administrative and corporate support services:

Production Unit:

  • Production of test items for Examinations of the Board;
  • Coding, banking and selection of test items for production;
  • Packaging and release of items for delivery to custodians;
  • Any other functions related to archival and production of security documents.

Field Services Unit:

  • To bring the Board closer to candidates, schools and all stakeholders, and conduct hitch-free examinations through Zonal, State and Liaison Offices.
  • Handling of examination documents, identification of prospective centres and identification of credible personnel such as supervisors, examiners and coordinators.
  • Sensitization and enlightenment of general public on all the activities of the Board in their respective Zones and State Offices.
  • Identification of reputable Cyber Café for Biometric Data capturing for effective Examination registration exercise, etc.

Examination and Policy Matters (EPM) Unit

  • Confirmation of bonafide candidates and release of statement of results/certificates as appropriate.
  • Check possible examination fraud and certificate racketeering to enhance certificate classification and promote prompt service delivery.
  • Authentication of results and certificate to ensure that candidates and schools get their results and certificates as and when due.
  • Check errors and duplication on certificates, etc.
  • Clarification of the status/grading system of NABTEB certificates to individuals, private, public and corporate bodies and other stakeholders.
  • Drafting of responses to enquirers from candidates, private/public and corporate organizations.

Internal Audit Unit

  • Internal control of pre-payment and post-payment to ensure conformity to accounting standards.
  • Costing of material requirements for the Board’s examinations to ensure the economic, efficient and effective running of the Board’s financial activities.
  • Ensures adherence to internal control system/mechanism and other regulatory Rules; reliability of accounting records and security of the Board’s assets, etc.

Legal Unit:

  • Liaises with the Board’s external solicitors for speedy disposal of court cases involving the Board
  • Makes attendance in the court when necessary.
  • Ensures that candidates involved in examination malpractices after thorough investigations are properly sanctioned.
  • Creates conducive for settlement of pending pension matters of the Board’s retirees, etc.
  • All other legal issues.

Central Stores:

  • Provides adequate storage facilities for materials for examinations purposes and for daily departmental needs.
  • Ensures accurate record keeping, cost effectiveness.
  • Handles material requisitions and stock verification.

Media and Public Affairs:

  • Creating of public awareness, sensitization and issuance of press release to showcase the Board’s programs/activities.
  • All other activities geared towards publicizing the Board’s examinations and products.

Corporate Support Services:

  • Projection of corporate existence and image of the Board as a national examining body and compliments the efforts of the Federal Government by keying-in the mandate of the Board into the change mantra of Mr. President.
  • Drafting of submissions for quality assurance on minutes, memoranda and reports.
  • Facilitates travelling arrangement and passages for staff on official assignments within and outside the country.
  • Any other duties/responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.

Procurement Unit:

  • Collation of material requirements for smooth conduct of all examinations.
  • Procurement of goods and services in line with the Public Procurement Act 207.
  • Any other activities that would ensure value for money within the available resources.

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Mrs. Vivian Ubiaru is the Ag. HOD, Examinations Administration (EA) Department

Functions EA Department:
Examinations administration is a Programme Department of the Board charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and development of proposal for enrolment for all NABTEB Examinations within the year;
  • Updating and proof reading of entry documents and other accompanying documents for all NABTEB Examinations;
  • Preparation and proof-reading of entry documents for printers;
  • Preparation of Examinations Time-tables;
  • Analyses of record of sale from selling point for all Examinations;
  • Processing of entry documents for Modular Trades Certificate Examination;
  • Preparation of summary packing lists for question papers;
  • Computation of quantities of materials required for each examination;
  • Recruitment, appointment and posting of supervisors;
  • Training and development of examination personnel for each examination;
  • Compilation and enlistment of new centres for inspection and approval;
  • Co-ordinating the distribution of practical and theory question papers to custodians;
  • Co-ordinating the retrieval of answer scripts from the custodians;
  • Co-ordinating, proof-reading, typesetting and dispatch of cutting list to examination centres for all examination series;
  • Co-ordinating the distribution of materials to examination centres via the Zonal Offices for all series of examinations;
  • Preparation of itineraries for various official trips regarding the conduct of the Board’s examinations;
  • Treatment and resolution of queries and complaints forwarded to the department;
  • Custody of bags and keys for question papers and distribution of same as need arises and
  • Any other duty assigned to the department from time to time by the Registrar/Chief Executive.

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Mr. Olarinegun is the Director, Research and Quality Assurance Department

Departmental Structure

The department of Research & Quality Assurance carries out its functions through three (3) divisions and six (6) units as tabulated below:

S/N Divisions Units
1. Planning, Research and Statistics. Planning and Research Statistics
2. Monitoring and Evaluation. Monitoring Evaluation
3. Accreditation and Products Service Development. Accreditation Products Service Development

Major Functions of the Department

The major functions of Research and Quality Assurance include:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Board’s activities.
  • Inspection/re-inspection and rationalization of examination centres in conjunction with Examinations Administration for quality assurance.

Collation and analysis of all malpractice cases arising from all examinations conducted by the Board.

  • Carrying out policy-related research on Technical and Vocational Education and (TVET).
  • Collection, analysis and storage of relevant statistical data of the Board’s activities.
  • Carrying out periodic assessment of the Board’s operations with a view to establishing its strengths and weaknesses.

Organisation of in-house and national seminars, workshops and conferences.

Provision of Library services.

  • Preparation of periodic and other reports on the Board’s activities.
  • Collation of various Departmental Annual Work Plans for the production of the Board’s Annual Work Plan.
  • Preparation and custodianship of Examination Centres Directory.

Publication of annual/periodic reports, Board’s journal, occasional papers, etc.

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DR. NNASIA NDARAKE ASANGA is the Director, Finance & Accounts (FA) Department

Core Functions:

  • Ensuring compliance with Financial Regulations and the Accounting Code/Manual by all staff of the Department.
  • Ensuring adequate supervision of the disbursement of the funds and proper monitoring and accounting for revenues generated by the Board.
  • Organizing and supervising the finance and accounting functions in a manner that facilitates:
  • Adequate financial control, efficiency and smooth operations of the financial management functions of the Board;
  • The observance of due diligence, economy and cost effectiveness in the MDA administration; and iii. Ensuring conformance of the MDA to Due Process.
  • Advising the Accounting Officer on all financial matters as well as the more technical provisions of the Financial Regulations and other Treasury and Financial Circulars.
  • Maintaining proper accounting records such as books of accounts, Main and Subsidiary Ledgers.
  • Ensuring adequate control and management of the Property, Plant and Equipment Register and reconciling the schedule thereto to the General Ledger on monthly basis;
  • Ensuring the existence of effective and adequate internal control system to safeguard the assets of the Board.
  • Ensuring prompt rendition of all returns e.g. Consolidated Accounts (monthly transcripts), Bank Reconciliation statements, revenue and expenditure returns as prescribed in the regulations.
  • Managing funds in a manner that assures smooth operations of the Board.
  • Compiling and defending of the budget proposals and ensuring effective budget control by matching/comparing budget figures with actual expenditure of revenue as the case may be and advise the Accounting Officer appropriately.
  • Ensuring the preparation and updating of the information needed for Medium Term Revenue Framework (MTRF), Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Medium Term Sector Strategy (MTSS).
  • Ensuring monthly preparation and submission of the Board’s Trial Balance and other Financial Statements in line with International Public Sector Accounting Standards to the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation on or before 10th of the month following.
  • Ensuring that every staff is exposed to regular training programmes to equip him/her with relevant skill for the efficient performance of his/her duties.
  • Ensuring the existence of an effective Audit Query Unit/Section to promptly deal with all queries from Internal Audit Unit, Inspectorate Department, Office of the Accountant-General, Office of the Auditor-General, and the Public Accounts Committee.
  • Liaising with the Accountant-General from time to time when in doubt in the interpretations of the Regulations and other Treasury Circulars or when confronted with difficulties in the performance of the duties.
  • Any other duty/responsibility as may be directed by the Accountant-General of the Federation

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Mr. JOHN MACKEANS OYANA is the Ag. Head, Administration Department


The administrative arm of the Board’s management through which human and material resources are organised and managed for effective service delivery.

The Department comprises of three divisions namely:

  • General Administration
  • Human Resources Management
  • Staff Training Development

Core Activities of Department include:

Committee Services

Provision of Membership/Secretarial Services to the Board’s Adhoc and Standing Committees.

Welfare Services

Coordination of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) programme in the Board, to facilitate the registration of staff members with any NHIS provider of their choice and create easy access to medical treatment and maintenance of a healthy workplace.

Provision of other staff welfare service such as Confirmation of Appointment, Evaluation and Promotion, Conversion and Upgrading in line with public service regulations to ensure that staff are motivated for effective service delivery.

Staff Discipline

Collaborating with all departments to ensure that rules/regulations are maintained and defaulting staff corrected for effective services.

General Accommodation

Provision of adequate and conducive office accommodation for all Departments.

Provision of conducive hotel accommodation for Guests of the Board including Governing Board Members and government ministerial/agency officials.

Management Secretarial Services

Organizing Regular, Emergency, Special and Extended Management meetings for policy decisions and implementation of decisions/action of management to ensure realization of the Board’s mandates.

Staff Training/Development

Analysing annual training manuals of training providers for staff training needs and organizing training and orientation programmes to acquaint staff with modern techniques for efficient departmental services.


Provision of regular update of staff nominal roll and omnibus and staff disposition records.

Pensions and Staff Disengagement

Handling of pension matters in collaboration with various Pension Funds Administrators (PFA), organising pre-retirement training and issuance of records of service for disengaging staff.

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Mrs. Akhere Felicitas Ikuenobe  is the Director, Examinations Development Department

1.0 Introduction

The Examinations Development Department Originally known as Test Development Department is one of the programme department created at the inception of the Board in 1993. The department can be classified as an academic arm of the Board because of its strategic functions. It is headed by a Director, Mrs. Akhere Felicitas Ikuenobe.


The Examinations Development Department is made up of the following divisions:

  • i. General Education
  • ii. Technical Education
  • iii. Business Education
  • iv. Modular Education
  • v. NSQ Division
  • vi. NVC Division

1.2 Functions

The core functions of the Department as derived from the mandate are as follows:

A. Pre-Examination Activities

  • i. Development of new syllabuses and review of old ones periodically.
  • ii. Organizing Workshop/Training for examination personnel on fair assessment.
  • iii. Appointment/commissioning of item writers for NABTEB and third party Examinations.
  • iv. Constructions of NABTEB Test Items.
  • v. Retrieval of NABTEB Test Items from commissioned item writers.
  • vi. Prepare cutting list of materials and instruction for practical examination centres
  • vii. Preliminary editing of test items to ensure conformity with set standards
  • viii. Typesetting and proofreading of Test items in preparation for moderation of the items
  • ix. Organisation of moderation meeting for test items
  • x. Proofreading of test items by unit/sectional heads of the Department
  • xi. Compilation of test items into paralleled test forms
  • xii. Compilation of draft question papers ( NBC, NTC, ANBC, ANTC, NVC, NTC and National Common Entrance Examinations)
  • xiii. Preparation for Trial testing of NABTEB test items
  • xiv. Trial testing of NABTEB Test items
  • xv. Analysis of trial tested items
  • xvi. Appointment and training of Examination personnel
  • xvii. Arrangement to conduct practical/oral coordination meeting
  • xviii. Final proofreading of Test items in conjunction with Production Unit.

B. Examination activities

  • xix. Participate in the deployment of Examinations materials/question papers to the field.
  • xx. Supervision of Modular Examinations
  • xxi. Monitor Practical/Essay Examinations

C. Post Examination Activities

  • xxii. Control of retrieved scripts and their allocation to examiners
  • xxiii. Preparation for National Coordination meetings
  • xxiv. Arrangement for marking exercise
  • xxv. Review of examination entry document in conjunction with Examination Administration and ICT

Departments respectively.

  • xxvi. Arrange for the selection and placement of candidates into Technical Colleges.
  • xxvii. Processing and Analysis of results in collaboration with ICT Department
  • xxviii. Preparation of documents for Subject Award Committee.

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1.0 Introduction

The Department serves as the Board’s interventionist/driver of the reforms and transformation processes. The Department functions under the directives of the Registrar/Chief Executive and is charged with the following responsibilities among others.

2.0 Functions of the Department

  • Work with other departments and their units to identify gaps, weaknesses and develop initiatives to remedy them;
  • Review, update and ensure the implementation of all Federal and centrally developed regulations, policies, rules, etc.
  • Provide assistance and give advice to departments and units as may be necessary in implementing the Board’s strategic plans and other initiatives;
  • Coordinate, collate, develop and monitor the implementation of plans and prepare reports for Registrar/Chief Executive and Management;
  • Identify, develop and drive special initiatives and strategies as may be approved by the Registrar/Chief Executive and Management for the attainment of the overall goals and objectives of the Board.

3.0 : Structure of the Department

The Department is structured into two Divisions made up of a total number of six Units as enumerated below:

3.1 : Strategic Planning and Marketing Division

The following are the Units under the Division:

  • Strategic Planning Unit
  • Business Development and Marketing Unit

3.2 Reform Coordination and Service Improvement Division

This Division is made up of the following Units:

  • Reform Coordination
  • Service Improvement
  • Innovation and Change Management

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Mr. Daniel Onwoamaka is the Director, ICT Department


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department is responsible for ensuring effective processing and timely release of all NABTEB Examinations results, installation and maintenance of computers systems, management of Internet services and provision of other Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services using cutting-edge technology. ICT Department is made up of two (2) divisions, which are Computer Services and Computer Operations Divisions. The Computer Services Division comprises four (4) units while the Computer Operations Division comprises 5 units as tabulated below:

1 Computer Services
  • Internet Distribution
  • Complaints and Statement of Results
  • Statistics
  • Computer Engineering
2 Computer Operations
  • Database Administration
  • Certificate
  • Scanning
  • E-registration and Web Content Development
  • Programming, Training and Resource Centre


  1. Processing the entries and results of all examinations conducted by NABTEB viz: May/June, NBC/NTC and Nov/Dec NBC/NTC, ANBC/ANTC, Common Entrance, Modular Trade Certificate Examinations, etc.
  2. Computation of Statistics on all examinations conducted by the Board
  3. Representing the Board on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) matters.
  4. Liaising with external Consultants on Information and Communications Technology.
  5. Ensuring smooth e-Registration process for NABTEB On-line examinations.
  6. Managing Internet and Network infrastructure
  7. Making results of the Examinations available at the appropriate time, locally and on the Internet.
  8. Attending to complaints and queries arising from the Examinations.
  9. Printing of Statement of Results.
  10. Printing of Certificates.
  11. Providing Routine maintenance of all the computer systems in the Board.
  12. Managing the NABTEB Corporate Web-site and the On-line Result Checking System.

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Engr Osamor is the Ag. HOD, Works and General Services Department


The department of General Services is made up of two distinct divisions and six (6) units as reflected in the table below.

1 Works and Services Project and physical planning Electrical Engineering and its related services
Mechanical engineering and its related services
Civil engineering and its related services
Fleet management
2 Environment Parks and Garden & General cleaning & Horticultural activities



The unit core function is to identify priority areas in the provision of infrastructure and its deployment within the board via:

  • Physical planning
  • Project conception and implementation
  • Project supervision and evaluation


  • Maintenance of all the Board’s electrical installations and equipment
  • Providing continuous supply of electricity for the smooth running of the Board’s activities.
  • Maintenance of the Board’s Generators
  • Maintenance of the Board’s communication equipment
  • Maintenance of the Board’s fire-fighting equipment.
  • Maintenance of the Board’s office equipment such as photocopiers, risograph machines etc.
  • Liaising with other external bodies involved in the provision of public mains facilities.


  • Daily routine maintenance and corrective maintenance of mechanical and electro mechanical equipment (hybrid equipment).
  • Daily routine maintenance and corrective maintenance of extra low volts equipments.
  • Improvisation/fabrications are made when necessary to promote effective job performance with zero risk to life and equipments
  • Pipe fittings, installation, repair and routine/corrective maintenance of pipes, sanitary wares and its fixtures.
  • Provision of portable water in the Board.


  • General building maintenance
  • Road and pedestrian walk way maintenance
  • Maintenance /repair of office furniture


  • Repair and maintenance of the Board’s vehicles to meet the road worthiness for fleet certification by FRSC
  • Liaise with FRSC for the Board’s RTSS scheme.
  • Providing vehicular needs of the Board at all times.
  • Management of fleet operations including drivers’ discipline.
  • Ensuring vehicle usage is tracked for proper maintenance.
  • Preparation of route allocation of vehicle for the conduction of examinations.


  • General beautification of the Board’s premises
  • General cleaning and maintenance of all offices and restrooms
  • Maintenance of parks and garden
  • Horticultural activities in the Board (landscaping of the Board’s premises)
  • Liaising on behalf of the Board with the Board’s contractor handling the cleaning of the offices.

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