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Brief of NABTEB

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board was established in 1992 to domesticate craft level examinations which were hitherto conducted by City & Guilds, Pittman’s, and Royal Society of Arts all of UK in accordance with the provisions of the National Policy on Education. Its establishment was the climax of an evolutionary process which spanned 15 years from 1977 to 1992 and in which FOUR Government Panels at different times were set up to review the place and structure of public examinations in our educational system.


Mission Statement

Become a Globally Acknowledged Assessment Body for Craftsmen and Technicians.


NABTEB is a vision-led, mission-driven public institution with a vision:
Be a Globally Recognized Assessment and Certification Body Preparing Candidates for the World of Work and Academic/Professional Excellence.


Board Function

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board was established with the promulgation of Decree 70 of August 1993 and was charged with the responsibility to

Conduct examinations leading to the award of the;

  • National Technical Certificate (NTC)
  • Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC)
  • National Business Certificate (NBC)
  • Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC)
  • Modular Trade Certificate (MTC);
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National Technical Certificate (NTC)

The Board conducts the National Technical Certificate (NTC)examinations as well as the advance level versions.

National Business Certificate (NBC)

The Board conducts the National Technical Certificate (NTC)examinations as well as the advance level versions.

Modular Trades Certificate Examinations (MTCE)

MTCE has commence in March 2004. The MTCE will service persons who wish to acquire effective capacity in components of a trade. For example,

  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics Work Trade (steering and braking system mechanic work module);
  • Catering Craft Trade (food preparation module);
  • Secretarial Studies Trade (typewriting 35WPM for Typist II module);
  • Book Keeping Trade (purchasing and supply module).

About NVQ

Utilize our renown library resources and helpful staff from 6am – 10pm. The Campus student lab is open 24 hours 7 days a week. And the Campus will we holding rallies for upcoming sports events Fridays at noon.

What We Do

We are an awarding organization for the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ). This is the program introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria to the education system, for both private and public sectors. It is designed to eradicate the inability to harmonize the activities in the classroom and the requirements or expectations of learning outcomes by employers and society.

National Occupational Standards (NOS)

The NOS is the expected learning outcomes as spelt out by the various Sector Skill Councils in collaboration with the industries. The various Sector Skill Councils are expected to classify the various levels of competency that the worker should display in carrying out their various job specifications or roles.

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Research Activities

The Decree No. 70 of August 1993 that established the Board empowers it to conduct research into areas relevant to the Board’s examinations and operations. The Board, through its virile Department of Monitoring, Research and Statistics has conducted researches

Statistics Available

Enrolment of candidates for the National Common Entrance Examination into Federal and State Technical Colleges by State by Centre and Number of candidates that actually sat for the National Common Entrance Examination

Achievements based on mandate

The Board has consistently been conducting the following examinations in
accordance with its mandate, conducts Craft level Business and Technical

Infrastructural Achievements

  • Procurement of 25 Hilux Pick-up vans
    for the Board
  • Cafeteria building – Mechanical and
    Electrical services
  • Access Roads