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Unlicensed graduates of technical colleges can’t practice –NABTEB


The National Business and Technical Education Board has said that graduates of technical colleges will not be allowed to practice as technicians in Nigeria without being certified and licensed by the board.

The Chairman of the NABTEB Governing Board, Prof. Leonard Shilgba, stated this at a briefing held recently in Abuja.

Shilgba also noted that all graduates of technical colleges were “advised to take the National Business Certificate/National Technical Certificate examination within one year” before they could operate in the country.

The NABTEB Chairman said it was unlawful for any technical college or allied institution in Nigeria to make the NABTEB certification optional, adding that the board would soon move against such negligence.

He said, “For example, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria cannot set any examination without the involvement of NABTEB. The establishment act of NABTEB enables the board to harmonise all business and technical examinations in the Nigerian market. The board is also empowered to eliminate all fraudulent examinations without our collaboration.

“Technical colleges in Nigeria are not conventional colleges. They have to teach technical education as specified by the Federal Ministry of Education. Accordingly, those technical colleges established to produce technicians and technologists. They are expected to produce skilled technicians.

“It is very unlawful for any technical college or allied institution in Nigeria to make the National Technical Certificate or National Business Certificate optional. Sitting for and taking of NABTEB examination is mandatory for college students.

“The NABTEB advises graduates of technical colleges who have not taken and passed the NABTEB NBC/NTC examination to do so within one year. They have to be qualified and permitted to practice. They must take the exam before they can operate as a technician in the country.”

The chairman said the board would also consider certifying Internally Displaced Persons who were given technical trainings in the camps as well as Niger Delta militants who were given amnesty by the Federal Government.

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